Second Grade Math - Lesson #15

Lesson Title: Math/Operations/Adding Whole Numbers/Tutorial:
Addition Facts with Table

Standards: Arizona 2nd Grade - Math: S1:C2:PO3; S1:C3:PO1

See the following website for Arizona 2nd Grade Standards:


1. Play the "Echo" game again from yesterday's lesson. The student starts by clapping their hands together 7 times. The guide then echo's the clapping. Together write a number sentence that tells the number of claps made in all (7+7=14). Continue to with numbers 1-9. When finished, look back at the paper of all the facts and explain that these are called Doubles Facts.
* Complete the Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley Math workbook page 46 on doubles.

2. Make number cards 1-20 on note cards. (Keep these for later use in lessons.) Place the cards in a pile. Have our student draw a number and decide if it is a double sum or not. (2,4,6,8, etc.) Have the student tell the double fact (3+3=6). If the number drawn is not a double, (9), have the student use cubes of matching colors to find the closest double fact (4+4=8). Have them make two cube trains of 4. Then add one more cube of a different color cube to one of the cube trains. Explain that this is using doubles plus one strategy.

3. Complete the Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley Math workbook pages 47-48 using cubes. Ask how many doubles do you see on this page? How is the other addition sentence different? (it has one more) How can you use doubles facts to help you add one more? ex 6+6=12 and 6+7=13 Explain that it is easy to find the double fact and then count on one more to find the sum.

4. Log onto and select Math/Operations/Adding Whole Numbers/Tutorial: Addition Facts with Table. Complete the activity for math facts practice.

5. Find the Addition facts timed test in the Guide/Student Materials Packet. Have your student complete the timed test in 5 minutes to see how many problems they can get correct.

6. If time, play a domino game. Place the dominoes face down on the table in random order. The game is best played with 2-4 players. Take turns choosing a domino and matching dots when they can to form a train. Ask at each turn if the domino is a double fact or doubles plus one. When a double domino is drawn that player gets a second turn. ( A double is when each end has the same number of dots.)

Total Lesson Time: 1 hour