Third Grade Reading/Language Arts -
Lesson #11

Lesson Title: LA/Comprehension/Characters/Characters: Interactive Guided Instruction

Standards: Arizona 3rd Grade -
RS1:C4:PO6; RS1:C5:PO1; RS2:C1:PO1, PO2, PO7; WS1:C1:PO1; WS1:C3:PO3; WS2:C6:PO2,PO8

See the following website for Arizona 3rd Grade Standards:

Directions: Day 1

A. Spelling Lesson: (Words with Long a and e)
1. Lesson 3 - Complete page 16 in Harcourt Trophies Spelling Book.

B. Reading Lesson: Harcourt Trophies Changing Patterns Book 3-1
Story- Nate the Great San Francisco Detective
Skill: Decode Long Words and Narrative Elements Review
1. Open the Harcourt Trophies student reader Level 3 - Book 1 to the story-
"Nate the Great San Francisco Detective" to pages 68-69. Read the Vocabulary Words with the student. Then read the Vocabulary Power story together. Have student point out the vocabulary words in the sentences and talk about their definitions.
2. Pages 70-71, Have student read the title. Read the name of the author. Look at the illustrations on the pages. Read the information on page 44 to your student about Mystery stories.
3. Have your student read the story pages 72-94.

4. Go over the Think and Respond questions on page 94 from the story.
5. Read about the Authors and Illustrators on page 95.

6. Assign Harcourt Trophies Practice Book 1: page 11.

C. Online CompassLearning Odyssey Activities:
Log onto Follow the paths:
Language Arts Icon:

1. Log onto LA/Comprehension/Characters/Characters: Interactive Guided Instruction. Complete the activity.
2. Log onto LA/Comprehension/Characters/Characters: Quiz 1. Complete the quiz.
3. Complete a Character Report Card on Manyara or on Nyasha. Use the Character Report Card worksheet, p. 94 from your Guide/Student Materials Packet.
4. Log onto Language Arts/Fairy Tales/Language Arts/Fairy Tale Characters. Respond to the first writing prompt for odyssey writer about a character you create.

Language Arts Extension Icon:
1. Log onto LA Extensions/Grammar/Use of Exclamation Marks/Express Yourself (exclamation marks). Complete the activity.
2. Log onto LA Extensions/Grammar/Use of Exclamation Marks/Quiz. Take the Quiz.

3. Log onto LA Extensions/Cause & Effect/Use of Terminology/Character, Setting, and Plot (story elements). Complete the activity on character, setting, and plot.
4. The setting is an important part of any fairy tale. Use the story of Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters to complete the setting worksheet p. 30 from your Guide/Student Materials Packet.

Continuing Project:

Begin the Box It activity for the story Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. Paper-cover the top of a cereal box, being sure to leave the slat and tab operational. You need to be able to open the box. Draw an illustration to cover one large surface of the cereal box. Include on this section the name of the story, its author, and your name. Look at the example on worksheet, p. 103 from your Guide/Student Materials Packet. Save this for tomorrow's activity.

Total Lesson Time: 2 hours