Third Grade Math - Lesson #34

Lesson Title: Math/Algebra/Test

See the following website for Arizona 3rd Grade Standards:


1. Follow the path: Math/Algebra/Test.

2. Guide, when your student has completed the test, have him/her go to and go to the Vertex-Edge Graphs (Color Maps) lesson (d.) in Section 3. Data Analysis, Probability & Discrete Mathematics. Your student should read the lesson and then print the worksheet (Session Type: Printable Worksheet) and complete 15 problems. Go over your student's work with the printable answer sheet and explanations.

3. Guide, when your student is ready, have him/her complete 15 questions in test mode in for the Vertex-Edge Graphs lesson.

4. Guide, have your student play one of the games in from the Number Sentences lesson (b.) of Section 4. Patterns, Algebra & Functions. When your student has completed with the game practice, have him/her go on to test mode and complete 15 questions in this section of studyisland.

Total Lesson Time: 1 hour