Sixth Grade Social Studies-
Lesson # 13

Lesson Title: Aztecs, Incas and Mayas./Mayan Culture/ The Ancient Mayan Civilization

Standards: Arizona 6th Grade S1: C2: PO5

See the following website for Arizona 6th Grade Standards:

Materials Needed: Social Studies Notebook, Social Studies Textbook


1. Log onto
Follow the Path:Social Studies/Level 4/Aztecs, Incas and Mayas./
Mayan Culture/The Ancient Mayan Civilization.

2. Read pages 1-3. In your Notebook, write the names of the present-day countries where the Mayan civilization thrived.

3. Log onto the Mayan Adventure Website and go to Maya Sites to explore some Mayan cities, if your guide gives you permission.

4. Read page 4 - 6. If your guide agrees, visit the Mayan Glyphs page to learn about the speech sounds in the Mayans picture writing system.

5. Read page 7 - 8. In your Notebook, write your impressions of the Mayan civilization.

6. Read page 9.

7. Read pages 166 - 167 in your Social Studies Textbook.

8. Visit The Learning Site at to take a vitual tour.

Total Lesson Time: 1 hour