Sixth Grade Social Studies-
Lesson #26

Lesson Title: Ancient Civilization/Mesopotamian Culture/ Ancient Writing of Mesopotamia.

Standards: Arizona 6th Grade S2: C2: PO2, 8; S4: C1: PO1, 3

See the following website for Arizona 6th Grade Standards:

MATERIALS NEEDED: Social Studies Notebook

You will need materials for one of the following activities:

Activity 1-brown construction paper or a grocery bag, sticks or straws, paint (black, white, red, and yellow)
Activity 2 - flour, salt, salad oil, water, food coloring, straws, scissors.


1. Log onto
Follow the Path: Social Studies/Level 4/Ancient Civilization/Mesopotamian Culture/Ancient Writing of Mesopotamia.

2. Read pages 1-2. Activity 1: if you choose this activity, follow the directions to make a Cave Painting. In your Notebook, tell the circumstances in which this "ancient" cave painting was made.

3. Read pages 3-4. View Slide Show under Identify Symbol on page 3.

4. In your Notebook, write the following Vocabulary Words with their definitions: archaeologist, pictograms, scribes, tablets, deciphered, cuneiform.

5. Activity 2: On page 5, follow the directions for Making Your Own Clay Tablet. In your Notebook, record what your tablet says. Have it tell about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

6. Read page 6. Read the questions on page 7.

7. Log onto Choose Social Studies. Choose Level 4. Choose Ancient Civilization. Choose Mesopotamian Culture. Choose The Development of Writing of Mesopotamia.

8. Read pages 1 -4. Take the Lesson Review and record your results in your Notebook.

9. Review if necessary. Take the Quiz on Mesopotamian Culture. Record your results.

Total Lesson Time: 1 hour