Sixth Grade Social Studies-
Lesson #43

Lesson Title: Phoenicians/Phonetic Alphabet/Phoenician Alphabet

Standards: Arizona 6th Grade S2: C2: PO8

See the following website for Arizona 6th Grade Standards:

Materials Needed: Social Studies Notebook, Cuneiform Tablet: clay that will dry, pencil


1. Log onto
Follow the Path:Social Studies/Level 5/Phoenicians/Phonetic Alphabet/Phoenician Alphabet.

2. In this lesson you will learn more about the Phoenicians development of the alphabet.

3. Read pages 1-3. Add and define on your Phoenician Terms list: cuneiform, stylus.

4. Read page 4. Try making your own Cuneiform Tablet. Simply form clay into a small tablet (about 2 inches thick). Use a pencil to carve your own symbols into the clay. Let the clay dry and see if your friends can decode your script!

5. On page 5, take the Do You Remember quiz. Record your score in your Notebook.

6. Hit the rocket to go back to the main menu for Phoenician Alphabet. Choose Easy as ABC.

7. Read the review pages 1-3.

8. Create your own alphabet and design a secret message for you and your friends. Does your alphabet include vowels? Use your notebook to explain how you developed your system of writing.

9. Take the Know Your Alphabet quiz on page 4.

10. Hit the rocket to go back to the main menu for Phoenician Alphabet. Take the Quiz shown. Record your score in your Notebook.

11. Take a few minutes to review your notes in your Notebook concerning the Phoenicians. Log onto Choose Social Studies. Choose Level 5/Phoenicians/ChapterTest.

Total Lesson Time: 1 hour