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About MDLP

The Mesa Distance Learning Program (MDLP), sponsored by Mesa Public Schools in Mesa, Arizona, offers online instruction for students in grades K-12. Our K-6 program offers online curriculum to elementary school age students.

Our 7-12 program offers high quality, interactive online semester courses taught by highly-qualified, certified teachers. The Mesa Distance Learning Program provides a multimedia-rich curriculum aligning to state and national standards as well as numerous online tools for both parents and students. Mesa Public Schools brings distance learning to a higher standard of education for students and families. A high school diploma may be earned upon successful completion of our program.

Distance learning courses are available for both in-state and out-of-state students. Most full-time Arizona distance learning students qualify for free classes. Click here for information about our fees.

Note: Students who are currently enrolled in a school in the Mesa Unified School District must first complete a dual enrollment form with their school counselor before completing the MDLP online registration form.

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