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Credit Recovery
MDLP is offering several core courses for credit recovery. The courses are written to cover the essentials of the Arizona State Standards. Our credit recovery courses are chunked for easier reading and contain more interactive assignments in the lessons.

MDLP students shine on AIMS tests
AIMS 2011 MDLP scores

The Mesa Distance Learning Program has been approved as a NCAA non-traditional core-course provider for prospective NCAA students. MDLP has implemented a plan to ensure that courses remain consistent with the NCAA core-course curriculum requirements. For more information see your home school counselor.

If you are a full-time student who is graduating through MDLP, visit our Counselor Corner for important information about graduation requirements, financial aid for college, and links to college and career information. Access the Counselor Corner from the MDLP main page, the 7-12 registration link, or by clicking on the Contact Us link.

MDLP Courses are aligned to Arizona State Standards
The Mesa Distance Learning Program provides a multimedia-rich curriculum aligned to district and Arizona state standards as well as numerous online tools for both parents and students. Mesa Public Schools brings distance learning to a higher standard of education for students and families. All MDLP 7-12 courses are written, developed, and taught by highly-qualified certified teachers.

Student Dialog
MDLP emphasizes student-to-teacher interactions. In this model, students gain information from the teacher, who is an expert in the subject matter. Monitored student-to-student dialog is used where appropriate.

MDLP many elective courses for high school students including Service Learning, Personal Finance for Teens, Introduction to Information Technology, general physical education courses, and courses for fine arts credit.

Multicultural Literature and Mythology are two of the many English courses available for high school students through MDLP.

Foreign Language
MDLP has a full year of beginning Mandarin Chinese. It is one of our most challenging courses.

MDLP has developed a new interactive format for our math courses. Our Standards Math, Algebra I, Geometry and Alegbra II are now in this format.

The MDLP Chemistry and Physics courses contain both video-taped labs as well as video tutorial lessons.

Social Studies
MDLP offers Psychology I and Sociology I for high school students as well as Honors World History and traditional social studies courses.

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2008 Az Auditor General's Report - MDLP continues to hold high educational standards
The Mesa Distance Learning Program is commended for its requirements that all final exams are proctored by an approved independent proctor and that students must pass the final exam in order to pass the course. These requirements add to the validity of student grades. Source:

Excerpt fromm 2008 Az Auditor's General's Report; Table 12: Summary of TAPBI Schools' Course Exam Procedures

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Wonderful school and teachers...excellent staff, always very pleasant and helpful!
MDLP Parent

We have been very pleased with the courtesy and the information provided by the staff. They are friendly and knowledgeable. We do feel that they are helping us to make the right decisions for our daughter.
MDLP Parent

I am so impressed and grateful for this option. It has made such a difference in the grades and ability for my children to feel successful. Thank you so much for this option offered by Mesa School District. The staff and teachers have been hugely supportive and encouraging!
MDLP Parent

The feedback my student receives is prompt and encouraging. The staff is so friendly and the teachers are amazing!
MDLP Parent

Great program! We tested it out on ship son is getting A's and B's.
MDLP Parent

I just want to say how great you are with the teenagers. You treat them with such respect...I really appreciate that!
MDLP Parent

This class was a good learning experience and my teacher was a great help to me. I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to finishing my 2nd semester of English with MDLP!
MDLP Student

I love this school because I can work at a much faster pace than in a classroom.
MDLP Student

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